第8回料理教室が終わりました!I’m done with my 8th Japanese cooking class!

今日は一時帰国前の最後のレッスンでした!台湾人の方で今回は3回目のリピーターです(*^_^*)嬉しいですね♥︎ Today was the last lesson before I go back to Japan for a month. 
Today’s student was a Tiwanese who joined my classes 3rd times! I’m so glad. 

今日もお子様も一緒に(^∇^)She took her daughter as well. 

さくらと2人で仲良く?してました〜というのは望みで、実際はちょっと大変でしたがなんとか無事に終わりました(^^;; we hoped  Sakura and her daughter would play together for a long time but actually they didn’t do it so much.., 

ベビー2人とも抱っこして欲しくて泣いてしまって、、一人が野菜を切ったり作業したりしてる時は一人が見てる。または両手で2人を抱っこ!笑. They wanted to be held and cried  … So when I cut vegetables, she watched them or held them together with both arms! Wow! And me too.



リビングでおとなしくしてない時はキッチンまで(^^;; ママの近くに来たいのです。布を敷いて。They wanted to come to us!



It’s fun to see them playing together even it’s a short time. 


もし、子連れではない方が平日に来ることになったら、もう一人さくらを見ていてくれる人が必要だと思いました(^^;; I thought that if I have a student who wants to have the classes on weekdays and has no children, I need a friend who can watch Sakura! And of course the friend will join eating as well. 

その場合はお友達を誘ってみようかな。子守をしてくれる人で、もちろん試食は一緒に!I think I will ask someone who can do it! 




We made these dishes, Oyakodon and Okonomiyaki! 


私はおネギが好きなので親子丼にもお好み焼きにも普段は入れます。I love green onions on top of them. 

今日の生徒様もおネギが好きということでしたので、入れました!the student also like green onions so I put it on both of them. 

かなりのボリューム!It’s big! 



The Oyakodon is the most frequent recipe I cook! I made it for my husband’s Obento and for my lunch too! It’s easy to make and yummy! 

お好み焼きは、小麦粉と山芋の割合はかなり研究しました。I tried to make it a lot to find the ratio of flour and Japanese sticky potatoes to be nice taste.


うちは山芋多めにしています(*^_^*) The ratio depends on people. 

I put yam a lot! 



There are a lot of Japanese home cooking recipes even one same dish. We say it’s standard but it’s deferent. It depends on books or on the  internet, which says “the recipe which professional made”. It also depend on professionals! 


But I told them the most standard ones. But I want them to arrange the tasted they like! Someone likes sweetener, someone likes salty, like that.

親子丼もお好み焼きも美味しいと言ってくださいました!she said today’s dishes were delicious! 


I’m so happy she came always! 

I’m really appreciated it!


Thank you very much!


第7回目料理教室が終わりましたI’m done with 7th cooking class


I’m done with 7th cooking classes! This was one for private!

前回と同じ方です♥︎ She joined last time as well.

台湾人の方で一歳のお子様も一緒に来られました(^O^) She is Tiwanese and has a one-year-old baby and she came together! 


We made Tempura and Kataudon today!


We did two lessons in one day, 4 hours including eating time. 


Last time we made Tonkatsu so we tried to make Katsudon which was arranged by a Tonkatsu. She made it from the begining by herself ! It’s important to make it really, not just to see and take notes the recipes! 


Recently I made Tonkatsu a little bit more and them next day I could have it for lunch ,or my husband brought it for Obento. 


I told her that it’s better to use different temperature to fry each stuffs. And I told her how to check the temperature by batter, how to make dipping liquid, etc. And I said that it’s good to put a little bit salt on Tempura and she was a little bit surprised. 

やはり同じアジア人でも天ぷらにお塩をつけることを新鮮に感じられるのだと、こちらもとても良い学びになっています。it’s good to know that even Asian people doesn’t know about putting salt on Tempura. 


I’m happy to know that they use “Hondashi” in Tiwan as a usual seasonings, which is great! I knew that soy sauce and sake are in the store but I didn’t know that


This was one of the cross cultural communication !

That’s what I want!


Ok, let’s eat! 

一歳の娘さんもかつ丼を!かつを一口サイズに切ってあげていました!一歳にもなると大人と同じ食事が出来るのですね〜♥︎She gave her daughter Katsudon cut in small pieces. I’m impressed she could eat the same food as adults already!   



Same as us! Tempura and Katsudon! That’s a lot! So she brought th at home. 




We could do with babies as well! 


I think I can do with babies if the students are ok. The problem is not for other stufents but the mom. Sometimes the mom can’t concentrate on the class or has to hold her but if they are ok, I’m fine! 



Sakura looked so happy to her daughter!

髪の毛爆発してますがf^_^;) her hair looked explosion! Lol



Laughed a lot!! 



Thanks for today as well!!



*Thanks for allowing thses pictures!! 

第6回料理教室が終わりました!マンツーマンで。I’m done with 6th Japanese cooking class! Private lesson.



I’m fine with 6th cooking lessons yesterday! It’s a private lesson!


She joined last time and this was the second time for her. She saw my blog and said she missed the previous lessons I had had. 

平日に、さくらがいても大丈夫と言ってくださったので2回分を一日で!she said it’s ok to do on weekdays which means Sakura is there. 


The recipe were Tonkatsu and Obento. 


The dinner the day before was Tonkatsu for sure! Lol!


I reviewed how to measure the temperature of frying and how much time to fry, explaining for how to make them in English by myself just for practice! 


おにぎりの一人分の量も、普段は適当ですがちゃんと計り、伝えられるように。I also measured how much rice for one rice ball although I usually don’t measure it. 


I prepared fillings of rice ball, baked salmon, fish flakes with soy sauce, simmered nori with soy sauce and sugar and plum pickles. 



She liked all fillings. Especially simmered seaweed with soy sauce and sugar. She wanted to know how to make it so I sent  the recipe to her later. 

可愛く出来ました(^o^) we made them cute!    



She is Taiwanese and has a one year old baby so I think she could understand for Sakura. 


We spend for 4 hours because of 2 lessons. 



Sakura sometimes cried and I held her a few times but I put her in a bassinet with Bambo in the kitchen to see us cooking.



I did breast feeding to her just before the class and it’s almost ok for her! That’s great! 


Next week my parents from Japan will come to visit us so she will come again this week.


The next lesson is going to be Tempura and Katsydon. She requested! 



I’m going to teach her how to make Tempura crispy as well. 


I told her that’s it’s ok to be with her daughter and she said yes. I wish they can play together but seems difficult for Sakura. But I want to try to do the class with babies! She said that too! 


第5回料理教室が終わりました!巻きずし、豚の角煮、アサリのおすまし I’m done with 5th Japanese cooking class! Sushi roll, Braised pork belly and Clam clear soup



I’m done with my cooking class today! This was 5th times!


(=´∀`)人(´∀`=) I was relaxed after it’s finished as always





This time, 

-sushi roll

-braised pork belly

-clam clear soup



I always make braised pork belly and  it’s yummy so I suggested it to them to make it at the next lesson when we had the previous lesson. And they said they wanted to learn how to roll sushi. 



There were 4 students today and two of them were new! 


One of them saw my flyer at a Japanese super market “Nijiya”. I’m so glad to hear that.


I started to simmer the pork belly two hours ago from the start of the class. Because it takes more than three hours to cook! So I taught them how to make it which was already done for two hours, and also I taught it which was from the beginning, just before simmering. 

So I showed them “this is the pork simmered for two hours”

It’s like a cooking TV show! 



I made thin rolls and thick rolls. 

Thick rolls were seafood rolls! 

The fillings were

イカ Squid

いくら Salmon roe


海老 Shrimp

だし巻き卵 Rolled omelet

きゅうり Cucumber

しそ Shiso(ohba)

茹でたほうれん草 Boiled spinatch



This rolls were Tsuna rolls!



Everyone tried to roll it! 

They did it so good and beautiful!

初めて巻きずしを作る方にとってはコツが必要です。私も母から教えてもらったコツを彼らにもお伝えしたので、あとは中の具をお好みにアレンジするだけ!好きな具を入れてオリジナルの巻きずしを作って頂きたいと思います(*^▽^*) We need to get some points to roll it beautifully. I learned it from my mom and I taught them as well.  When we get the points, we can put any fillings as we want! I hope they can make it their own favorites ❤

巻きすもプレゼントしました♥︎ I gave them bamboo mat as a present.


I could make braised pork belly very well. It’s so tender and soft!




It takes long time to cook but other than that it’s pretty easy tomake! They said they can make this at home!

I strongly recommend to make it!! 


At the eating time,
I could talk to the new students as well.
I’m thinking that I want to do anything that they will be happy!

I want to keep continuing to do what I’ve started as long as I can! Even though there are a few times in a month. But I want to make it better each time!


いずれは〜料理教室だけでなく色々と広げていきたいと思っています(^O^) 思案中!
And I want to spread out not only cooking class but also…. I’m stil thinking about it!


Upcoming lessons and more imformation is here

第4回目料理教室終わりました!I’m done with 4th cooking class!

14日土曜日、お料理教室終わりましたー!I’m done with my cooking class on Saturday 14th!
やっぱり前日や直前まで緊張しますが、終わってしまうといつも良かったと思います。I’m always nervous… But I feel satisfied myself after the lesson. Thanks to them!

今日のメニューは、お弁当レシピ Today’s recipes were Obento (lunch box) dishes!

生徒様は4名 There were 4 students.

結構準備する材料が多く、準備時間ギリギリでした(^^;; さくらの授乳間隔もあまり上手くいかず、レッスン中泣きわめく声が。。夫が外にお散歩しに行ってくれたのでありがたかった。
今日もほぼ時間通りに終わりました。I prepared a lots of ingredients because of 6 dishes! so I finished it just on time! And during the lesson, Sakura was crying because the time between feedings were not good… so my husband took her our for a walk. That’s nice.


こんな感じで仕上がりました!We made these!!
定番のおにぎり、唐揚げ、卵焼き、かぼちゃの煮物、タコ足ウインナー。そして簡単に出来るハムチーズきゅうりの串刺しも。Onigiri (rice ball), Japanese style fried chicken, simmered pumpkin and octopus-shaped sausage. These are so common for the Obento box. And we made cucumber, ham and cheese on a skewer.
image (11)おにぎりは皆さまにも握ってもらいましたが、かなり難しかったようです。卵焼きも・・やはりこれは日本人の家庭のみで台湾の方にとっては初。難しそうだけど毎日練習だ!とおっしゃってました。They made rice ball by themselves but it seemed to be a little bit difficult to make a triangle-shaped rice ball. And also to make egg rolled omelet. We, Japanese cook rolled omelet almost everyday but they are not. Of cause they don’t have a rectangular pan. It’s good to hear that they said they are going to practice it every day!


おにぎりはの顔は、顔の形にノリを切れるノリカッターがダイソーにあり、使ってみました(^^) I found a face-shaped cutter for seaweed for rice ball seeing on my picture. That’s cute isn’t it?


次の日、彼女たちはピクニックだそうなので、何種類か覚えたのを作るとおっしゃっていました^_^ The next day, they said they are going to make some of today’s dishes for picnic! nice!

今日のうちお二人は3回目!リピーターになって頂いてとっても嬉しいです(*^▽^*) I’m always glad they join my class! Two of them came here 3rd times!

次は巻きずしを作りたいと。お友達連れて3人は予約済み♪ They told me they want to make rolled sushi next time. And they will bring her friend too.

巻きずしは、毎年実家で年末に作っていたので慣れています★I get used to make  rolled sushi because every new years eve we made it!


といっても、次のレッスンまでに我が家の食卓に巻きずしが並ぶ日は多くなることでしょう~ But as usual, my husband will eat it a couple of times for our supper until the next lesson! lol!

image (13)